Sylvia Eng 


Boutique Romance Paparazzi

About Me

“You are only as good as the company you keep.  You can’t soar like an eagle when you are hanging with the turkeys.”

Words to live by! One of my keys to success is in the team I have built.  You can trust that our team will help you on your wedding day to have the most carefree and relaxed experience.  Among my team you will find that we are all highly trained professionals with a combined 40 years of event experience, together we are fluent in 6 languages and have lived in 5 different countries.  We all have unique skill sets that ultimately provide you with the opportunity for one stop wedding shopping. We do use titles to define our individual roles but my team all deliver the same quality (or higher in some cases) as you will get from me personally.

Meet the team:

Sylvia Eng

Owner/Lead Photographer

Sylvia is a published portrait photographer and trained digital artist with over 10 years of event planning experience.  Having photographed live theatre, charitable events, weddings and surprise proposals, she is the ideal choice to capture your romance stealthily, flatteringly and flawlessly.  She is also a die-hard romantic, mom of two who wishes life could really be like a musical. Available for romance documentation in the greater Toronto area as well as destination weddings near or far!

Carly Benjamin

Second Shooter/Queen Bee


Carly is the owner of her own successful wedding photography business based in Ajax.  She is a gifted artist and published photographer. Sylvia thanks her lucky stars every day that they met in an online photographer’s forum and managed to make Carly love her before she went off to become such an award winning super star.  Sylvia and Carly have been partners for three years and could not imagine building their separate businesses without each other.  Watching them shoot a wedding together is like watching world class tango dancers glide across the floor.